Serenity™ Energy Cleansing Pyramid Crystal

Serenity™ Energy Cleansing Pyramid Crystal

Serenity™ Energy Cleansing Pyramid Crystal

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You may not know it, but you are exposed to unhealthy energies every day. These can come from the harmful radiation from cellphones, or can even be the daily stress at the workplace. 

Turn those negative vibes into positive ones with the Serenity™ Energy Cleansing Pyramid Crystal. You can feel calmer and healthier with the energy-transforming power of the Orgonite!


✅  POSITIVE ENERGY GENERATOR: The mixture of resins, metals, and crystals absorbs surrounding negative energies, and gives your everyday space a positive and pleasing aura.

✅  HEALING ABILITIES: Soothes the mind, relieves stress, balances your mood, and promotes restful sleep - all you need for a good day.

✅  RADIATION PROTECTION: Protects you from unhealthy radiation caused by phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that you use daily. 

✅  VARIOUS USES: Ideal for yoga or meditation, can be a decorative addition to your room, or can be given as a thoughtful gift to loved ones. 


  • Sizes: SMALL (5 cm / 2 inch), MEDIUM (7 cm / 2.8 inch), LARGE (10 cm / 4 inch) 


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